Spotlight on Special Members

It is an honor to announce that

Columbia University's

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation 
will become an Academic Member of our National Chapter.

Columbia brings excellence in Architectural Design, repurposing of buildings and Urban Planning. We look forward to placing Scholarship Applicants who are changing the way we live in the world within Columbia's programs.

Please join us in congratulating 

Joanne Douds 

for her ongoing superb contribution to the FIABCI-USA Scholarship
and her appointment as Chair of our Academic Committee.




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FIABCI-USA  2018 President's Message

Barbara Schmerzler, President, FIABCI-USA 2018-2019

May, 2018 


Talent is in all of us. It only needs opportunity to blossom. We here in FIABCI-USA welcome you to blossom in the area where your talent will shine and move us forward. Join us!

Martin Luther said, "We must keep moving forward" and I pledge that we will continue to move forward, increasing our membership in all areas, all practices of our diverse profession represented by our members, Architects, Attorneys, Civil Engineers, City Planners, Educators, Interior Designers, Accountants all professions striving to make our world better. We can do wonders together!



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