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President’s Message
Barbara Schmerzler, FIABCI-USA 2018-2019    


May 14, 2018

It is amazing how times have changed in every way. When I was the Connecticut State Convention Chair years ago, staff wrote the introduction speeches which I was to deliver during the festive Installation evening. The verbiage used to describe those who had served the association for many years included the phrase, “He or she has Labored in the Vineyards…” or “A true Association Junkie…” “It’s time for New Blood”…never once was the word Talent asked for.

Talent is in all of us. It only needs opportunity to blossom. We here in FIABCI-USA welcome you to blossom in the area where your talent will shine and move us forward. Join us!

Martin Luther King said, “We must keep moving forward” and I pledge that we will continue to move forward, increasing our membership in all areas, all practices of our diverse profession represented by our members, Architects, Attorneys, Civil Engineers, City Planners, Educators, Interior Designers, Accountants all professions striving to make our world better. We can do wonders together!

There are no boundaries that cannot be crossed, there are no acts of discrimination which will stop us in achieving any goal we set ourselves. Social malice or mean spirits cannot stop FIABCI-USA from accomplishing what we set out to establish; relationships which overcome misunderstandings based on misinformation and perceived differences in how best to achieve our goals.

We are constrained only by mean and narrow minds intent upon hanging onto old ideas and ways to thwart our desire to accomplish a more democratic governance for this organization, introducing more opportunities for new ideas to be heard, new ways to elect our leaders, new chances for those with talent to move FIABCI-USA along. A Task Force has been formed designed to reformulate our Statutes which will hopefully be presented to the Board of Directors and the Membership in the Fall.

We will pursue classes for members, enhancing their knowledge to build business in new ways and exist in our constantly challenging world. We hope to invite our Principal Members to join us by perhaps lending the educators in their organizations to increase our understanding of what they do and how the information revealed can increase our abilities to become better professionals. This quest for excellence will take a bit of time so please be patient…excellence takes time to cook.

We are all unique and members of an association which covers the globe. We come together in peace to do business and enjoy our diversity and each others sometimes “quirky” personalities. On that note, I end with the following written by Frank Outlaw:

    “Watch your thoughts, for they become words;
    Watch your words, for they become actions;
    Watch your actions, for they become habits;
    Watch your habits, for they become character;
    Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”